Kristen Dorsey, Shamanic Herbalist Photo by Misty Higgins

Kristen Dorsey,
Shamanic Herbalist
Photo by Misty Higgins

The Journey toward health and well-being is taking a powerful turn. Many people, upon examination of lifestyles and belief systems, are finding a deepening desire to connect the mind, body and spirit to our Earth.

 Our cultural dependency on harsh pharmaceuticals that leave the body exhausted and addicted is in question. Gentler therapies that encourage healing through an approach that focuses on the whole person are finding their place again in our culture.

Becoming more self-sufficient has emerged as an important focus as we face fears about our food sources and our social system. The skills needed to forage for natural, organic wild plant foods and medicines have become necessary.

Join me in a Journey to rediscover the self through practices that honor the natural human connection to the Earth… a Divine Journey.

Divine Journeys is MOVING to La Loba Earth Medicine. See you there!