Herbal Medicines & Consultations

Herbalism is a traditional medicinal practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts. Many of the pharmaceuticals currently available to physicians today have a long history of use as herbal remedies, including opium, aspirin, digitalis, and quinine. The World Heath Organization (WHO) reports that 80% of the Earth’s population use herbs as their primary health care or have used herbal medicine to support allopathic health systems. Did you know that the WHO also reports that while the U.S. has the highest cost for healthcare, America’s health care system ranks 37th in the world? (click HERE to read the report) Herbs can gently encourage the body back to health. This is known as homeostasis, and is my goal in herbal health care. Herbalists do not diagnose disease or prescribe medications.


Common illness and simple ailments respond extremely well to herbal treatments; often results are better and longer lasting than with traditional over the counter medicines. If you have a cold, flu, lingering cough, sinus congestion, viral infection, burn, sprain, mild insomnia, mild digestive issues, hemorrhoids, toothache, UTI or other minor complaint, please call or email me for an appropriate herbal treatment.


Herbal Consultation with Kristen: When the issue is more complex, or you have a diagnosis from your physician and would like to use herbs as an alternative treatment together with allopathic drugs to speed healing and return to homeostasis. This consultation looks at the body as a whole, through a detailed intake form (Download Intake Form Here) and a one on one meeting with Kristen. Kristen will create a custom herbal treatment plan for you with monthly follow ups. Formulas are  adjusted and reduced until you achieve homeostasis- optimal balance in the body. Herbs or herbal formulas that support your entire body are recommended and can be purchased from the Divine Journeys apothecary. Kristen makes her herbal teas, capsules, tinctures & syrups right at Divine Journeys. The herbs are organic and many are grown right on the Divine Journeys 3 acre micro-farm. Sessions with Kristen are available in Martinsburg, WV and Boonsboro, MD or call 304-261-8157. SKYPE sessions available. Initial 40 to 60 min consultation $75.00. Follow up appointments to asses progress and adjust herbal formulas are 20 to 30 minutes $25.  Herb prices posted in the apothecary…

Many of you have wondered “why are the Divine Journeys herbal formulas so expensive?” Kristen buys and/or harvests only organic herbs. Why add more pesticide and chemical toxins to your body? The dried herbs in the apothecary are kept only for up to 1 year to ensure freshness and high efficacy. How long do you suppose that bottle of herbs in the store has been sitting?  In addition, Kristen hand prepares each tincture by hand. Vibrant health is our most valuable asset!

If you would like to lower the cost of obtaining freshly prepared herbal formulas for you and your family, join Kristen for a class on preparing herbal medicines, then make your own. Check out the workshops page or email Kristen and let her know you want a medicine making class on the calendar. Many of these medicines can be harvested locally!

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