Why Teach Belly Dance?

I teach belly dance

because it is perfectly OK to be a woman.
In fact, it is fabulous, awful, juicy and magical to be you, woman
it is bloody and sultry and screaming and sweet.

because you are not a sin
you are ok
better than ok
you are the world…

in a world
where it can be unsafe to be
I want to offer a space where you can be safe
and free

I teach belly dance because your body
and my body
want to move
and tell our stories
and sing
the songs of life.

you have been told
it is dangerous
to be so beautiful

but you are already beautiful
it is who you are

you can hide yourself within your self
you can pad all your curvy sweet places until they are unrecognizable
you can burn away all the softness until only sharp bones remain

and yet

there you are. a goddess still.

let’s dance and be the siren
that calls to the world
let them lay at your feet

I teach belly dance because you are a goddess
and I honor you.

~palms together, Kristen


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