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Wild Food Workshops

This workshop can be a full day or a weekend event. Interested in having this event at your location? Contact me.

Join Shamanic Herbalist Kristen Dorsey of Divine Journeys and Tina Gross chef and caterer, for a day of edible wild plant identification, harvest and preparation. Wild edible plants are the original organic produce and often contain more nutrition than mono-cultured vegetables, and they are FREE! Gain valuable plant identification skills. Eat delicious foods & drink beverages prepared with the wild plants you will meet.

As a day event: We meet in the morning and Kristen leads a walk to  identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants. Participants will learn identification, uses, harvesting tools and techniques. The class will gather edible plants for the afternoon cooking session and meal. After a lunch break, we meet in the kitchen. There chef Tina will lead participants in the preparation of a recipe using the wild edible plants harvested in the morning. After a short break, we all gather for a dinner meal which includes tasty, family-friendly recipes made with wild plants.


_MG_8254As a weekend event: We extend our walk to a longer distance and include identification of plants in different micro-climates: open fields, wooded areas, wet areas. In the evening there are optional activities and a wild plant meal. The second half-day focuses on preparation and cooking techniques for wild edible plants. Weekend concludes after a lunch that the class prepares.

Next Wild Food event scheduled for JUNE 2015- details to come!



The Wild Food Kitchen: Preparing Fabulous Meals from Wild Harvested Foods

Join Kristen and Tina for a day of wild food kitchen craft. Learn how to harvest, prep and cook wild foods with recipes that are so delicious even the kids will love them! This class focuses on integrating wild foods into familiar and recognizable dishes.







Making Cordials: Nutritious Adult Beverages from Nature

cordial Fermented & alcoholic drinks have been a part of the human experience for tens of thousands of years. They were made for sacred ceremony, as potent nutritious food, and as medicine. Today, alcoholic beverages are, like much of our modern foodstuff, processed and pale chemical concoctions. Lets spend an afternoon together exploring alcohol as a powerful vehicle for preserving the fruits of the Earth. After the class, invite your friends/sig other for a Cordial Tasting Happy Hour! Explore creative ways to make nutritious beverages from the cordials we will make during class! Recipes provided.

_MG_8358Bring a pint jar and enough brandy or vodka to fill it, and you will leave with a Cordial that you start in class.

2015 Dates and locations coming SOON! Want to host at your location? Contact us




Medicines from Mother Nature

Herbal Consultations

All around you there are medicines from Mother Nature. Learn to identify the plants in the wild, harvest properly, and prepare medicines for your friends and family.

Students will spend the morning wandering the Land and identifying and harvesting plants as medicinals. After lunch students will learn the basics of preparing plants as medicine including drying plants for tea, making alcohol tinctures, salves, compresses and more.

Please bring a pint mason jar and enough 190 proof grain alcohol or 100 proof vodka to fill the jar. Those who bring these items will go home with a tincture of fresh plant medicine.

This day-long workshop can be divided into smaller 1-2 hour micro-classes to add to your retreat or event.

2015 dates & locations coming SOON!


Divine DanceHafla!!

A hafla is a party featuring Middle Eastern dance and music.

Grab a group of girlfriends or host a hafla for an evening during your retreat.

This 2 to 4 hour event features a class on the basic movements of all belly dance styles. Kristen breaks down the movements into simple shapes so that all can learn. Before and after the class, belly dancers of all shapes, ages and sizes will perform for attendees. Finally, we will put on some music and just DANCE! Free jingly coin belt included for every attendee. Live music and catered Middle Eastern finger foods available.

Belly dancing is empowering, clears the chakras, improves flexibility and core strength, improves body-image and promotes a sense of community among women.

Belly dance is sensual for sure, but was never intended as a dance of sexual seduction. This ancient dance style was danced by women, for women, to keep the body strong and flexible for childbirth, as an offering to various goddesses, and to make life more enjoyable.

Get your dance on!

2 hour hafla event with class & performances with Kristen $250

4 hour hafla event with class, performing and live music by the Blue Dragons $500

Catering quote upon request


Chakra Dancing with Kristen and the Blue Dragons

streamYour energy body has 7 amazing power centers that affect your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. In this “moving meditation” two or four hour workshop we will explore each of the chakra centers. The vitality of each chakra will be enhanced through releasing old energy patterns and emotions and improving energy flow throughout the body. Kristen, an experienced and inspiring dance instructor, and the exciting Dragon Band musicians will guide your journey of discovery and empowerment.

Two hours of lovely live music, chanting, dancing and movement $300

Four hour event includes a class to demonstrate some basic movements for each chakra prior to the movement & music to help attendees relax and enjoy the dancing. $500