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WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? A lot, actually, but herbs can help too. Herbal Support for Sexual Vitality: February 11th, 10am to 5pm at the North American Bushcraft School in Hedgesville, WV. Just in time for Valentines Day, a comprehensive, fun and informative workshop with frank and open discussion on sexual vitality for everyone. Sexual intimacy is a natural and necessary aspect of our intimate, loving relationship(s), so let’s keep on learning and growing (heh heh) into this topic!
We will discuss foods, essential oils and herbs  that support healthy sexuality. There are several herbs that offer strong and effective support for sexual vitality. We will discuss herbs for low sperm count and motility, premature ejaculation, prostate issues, erectile issues, vaginal dryness, low libido, sex and libido after menopause or hysterectomy, and lots of other embarrassing and very human conditions that affect our sexual pleasure and our connection with our beloved(s). While many of these herbs must be used consistently to be effective, we will discuss fun and funny ways to introduce the topic to our mate(s). We will prepare fun snacks, edible love lotions, and relaxing cordials- all made with natural, sex-supportive ingredients. We will sample an aphrodisiac smoking blend (100% legal wink wink) and create a sensual massage oil. We will discuss herbal supplement formulas for all your sexy concerns. Bring extra cash to purchase your own ingredients to make this the SEXIEST Valentines Day ever… and beyond.
$55 Sexual Vitality: February 11th 10am to 5pm (Snow date Feb 25th)

$90 Couples Discount: (any two people count as a couple, even if you don’t knock boots wink wink): February 11th 10am to 5pm (Snow date Feb 25th)

Want to register now and pay at the door later? Please use the email contact provided on this page to message Kristen. Payments accepted are cash and credit card- no checks please!

Medicine Chest: Preparing for Cold & Flu Season: TBD. The fight against viral infection starts with a healthy immune system. We will discuss foods, herbs and supplements that help keep us strong. There are many natural antiviral preparations that we can have on hand and ready if infection does occur. Food is also medicine- eating to fight infection.

Morning session 10am to noon: Is it a cold or flu- know the difference; viral vs. bacterial infection; plants, foods & supplements for the immune system; natures antivirals
Afternoon session 1pm to 4pm: Learn to make an antiviral syrup; herbal tea to treat upper respiratory issues; cough syrup; and recipes for microbe fighting meals. Bring extra cash if you wish to buy supplies for your own Herbal Medicine Chest.
Evening session 5pm to 7pm: Join Kristen and Chef Tina for a delicious ANTI-COLD & FLU MEAL! 2 Hot teas, main dish, soup, bread, dessert & after dinner cordial for $16! 10 tickets available.



What’s On MY Land???: Kristen will visit your property or a park near you to identify local edible and medicinal plants. Invite as many friends as you wish, or keep it private. Travel fees will apply for venues more than a 45 mi distance from Frederick , MD

Walk Only: 

Kristen will join you and you friends for a two hour session which includes a discussion on wild harvesting tools and best practices; a plant ID walk; a question and answer session. $150 plus travel costs if required

Plant Walk & Wild Edible Cooking class:

Two hours of plant walk, ID & harvest, 2 hours of cooking simple recipes in the kitchen with Kristen. You buy the food/ingredients that we are not harvesting (list provided). Best for small groups (2-6) $300 plus cost of food

For more complex recipes and larger groups over 6 attendees, Chef Tina will join the class and cook a gourmet wild plant meal. All will participate in the preparation of the meal. Special diets can be accommodated (vegetarian, gluten free, etc) $550 plus cost of food

Plant Walk and Apothecary 101:

Two hours of plant walk, ID & harvest, 2 hours of basic herbal medicine instruction in the kitchen with Kristen. You buy the materials necessary for the class (list provided). All participants will leave with an herbal preparation they have made or started. Best for small groups (2-6) $300 plus cost of materials

EMAIL KRISTEN for details.



A hafla is a party featuring Middle Eastern dance and music.

Grab a group of girlfriends or host a hafla for an evening during your retreat.

This 2 to 4 hour event features a class on the basic movements of all belly dance styles. Kristen breaks down the movements into simple shapes so that all can learn. Before and after the class, belly dancers of all shapes, ages and sizes will perform for attendees. Finally, we will put on some music and just DANCE! Free jingly coin belt included for every attendee. Live music and catered Middle Eastern finger foods available.

Belly dancing is empowering, clears the chakras, improves flexibility and core strength, improves body-image and promotes a sense of community among women.

Belly dance is sensual for sure, but was never intended as a dance of sexual seduction. This ancient dance style was danced by women, for women, to keep the body strong and flexible for childbirth, as an offering to various goddesses, and to make life more enjoyable.

Get your dance on!

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